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In our projects we focus on timelessness, which is an undeniable attribute of good architecture for us. Therefore, while creating MOHO homes we inspired from the aesthetics of modernism, creating their minimalist forms. High ceilings, vast glazing and lack of unnecessary corridors make MOHO in its simplicity a perfect environment for living, even all-year-round.

FJORD HAUSES 35, 48, 56 m2

FJORD all year round house is the high quality mobile home based on a steel construction. 35 m2 of the FJORD house have been fully utilized to ensure comfort and convenience. FJORD can be placed in any place on request. It is a year-round house with high thermal insulation parameters. Possibility of transporting the house to another place at any time is an additional advantage and meets the challenges of our times.

The layout and interior design are based, among others, on scandinavian minimalism, which rationally uses the space, creating a harmonious interior. Stability of construction on the one hand, and simplicity in the use of forms and colors on the other, creates in the FJORD house an atmosphere of peace and closeness to nature.

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Sleek and elegant shape of Gotland mobile house from MOHO is a symmetrical architecture enriched with discreet details, which create an unusual and timeless whole. In this carefully designed framework we have composed materials such as wood, glass and metal, which undoubtedly add character to the shape of the building.

Our goal is to approximate the product to the nature, blend it into the environment and provide a unique aesthetic experience to the user. Such a composition will satisfy even the most demanding customers – including you.


HAMBURG is a house with a total surface area of 120m2, which is modern on the outside, thoughtful on the inside. Like other Homes Factory Poland products, Hamburg is made with the utmost care from meticulously selected and durable materials.

The window joinery and sliding balcony doors deserve an additional mention. The modern character of the building is emphasised by the contemporary finishing materials.

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